Katya Gerasimova

10 October 2018

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Slow Swing Saturday

Mark Saturday 10 November 2018 in your calendar for the first Slow Swing Saturday! Slowfeet Studio and the Hague Hoppers are organising a Slow Bal filled Saturday that includes 4 hours of lessons and a great party at Tango Centro in The Hague.


You’ve probably heard beautiful slow swing tunes at parties that you would love to dance to, but Lindy Hop just doesn’t always quite feel right. In a 4-hour workshop, Deirdre and Luciën from Slowfeet Studio teach a crash course in Slow Bal. The party afterwards is a great way to practice your new Slow Bal steps, but Lindy Hoppers who want to take it slow are welcome, too!


Date: 10 November
Location: Tango Centro, The Hague

Classes: 4 hours, from 13.00-15.00 and 15.30-17.30 hr

Party: 20.30 – 24.00 hr (3,- euro, tickets at the door)

Price: 39,- euro including the party


Registration is now open!


Don’t know what Slow Bal is? Check out this video: https://youtu.be/Q4uPU1OA4AA


Hope to see you on November 10!