Katya Gerasimova

08 March 2019

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Registration for a new block of classes has opened!

Check the new schedule https://haguehoppers.nl/calendar/

Beginners 1 gonna register for Beginners 2, Beginners 2 gonna be Beginners 3, and Beginners 3 can join Intermediate if they feel they are ready or take B3 level one more time.

Intermediate level students are welcome to register for any class of Intermediate level as we offer a new (common for all Intermediate classes) curriculum each block. Intermediate students stay at the Intermediate level until they are upgraded to Intermediate Plus group by teachers (you will get a personal notification then).

Crash course and Solo Jazz are sold out (but you can register and be placed on waiting list).

If you have any questions, drop them at haguehoppers@gmail.com

Source of the gif: gifer.com

To register https://haguehoppers.nl/lindy-hop-and-other-courses/