Katya Gerasimova

04 June 2019

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Hague Hoppers’ Summer Program 2019

July 9th – Hand to Hand Charleston with Anne & Marc*

July 16th – An Introduction to the Blues with Isabel & Fionn of Blues Dance Rotterdam

July 23rd – Collegiate Shag Fun with Stephanie and Karsten of Collegiate Shag Rotterdam

July 30th – Slowing down your Solo with Lotte Dijkstra of Keytown Swing

Aug 6th – Social Foxtrot with Stéphanie and Darren

Aug 13th – Tandem Charleston Variations with Anne & Marc*

Aug 20th – Shuffling and Shimmying Solo with Ron Smits of Keytown Swing

Aug 27th – The Shim Sham Shimmy with Anne & Marc

Sept 3rd – An Introduction to Lindy Hop with the Hague Hoppers

Where: Tango Centro, Lange Poten 27, Den Haag
When: 7:00-8:30 PM

Cost: 10 Euro

An asterisk indicates a level Beginner 3 or above requirement for the workshop.

All classes are first come first serve for both leads and follows.