We have no regular classes in December but we offer you a number of workshops/practice classes for every level, both solo and partnered.  All the classes take place on Lange Poten 27 in two studios. The price of each workshop is 10 euro p.p.



You are also welcome to book some private classes with Hague Hoppers teachers (a couple of teachers – 70 €/h, one teacher – 50 €/h). Please contact info@haguehoppers.nl to check the availability of studios and teachers in question. 



Press on the workshop link to read a description and order your ticket. You might be placed on the waiting list (for us to check if we have enough participants to proceed with a workshop and leads-follows balance).



16 December Monday



19.00 – 20.10 Tandem Charleston clinic (Beg-Int)  *Marnix&Merel*

20.15-21.25 Basic Musicality and Breaks (Beg) *Katya* CANCELLED



17 December Tuesday



19.00 – 20.10 First Stops routine (Int) *Marnix&Merel* CANCELLED

19.00 – 20.10 Go with the flow/slow lindy  (Beg-Int) *Rasmus&Katya*



18 December Wednesday



19.00 – 20.10 Lindy Hop Taster *Katya&Darren*

20.15 – 21.25 Floor craft (Beg-Adv) *Katya&Darren*



19.00 – 20.10 Shim-Sham solo jazz routine *Astrid*

20.15 – 21.25 Stealing (Beg-Int) *Astrid&Kevin*



19 December Thursday



19.00 – 20.30 Tranky Doo crash course and refresher. Part 2 (Int) *Lucia*

20.30 – 21.40 Footwork variations (Int) *Lucia*



2 January Thursday



19.00-20.10 Lindy Hop Taster *Marnix&Merel*