Katya Gerasimova

08 December 2019

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Swing the thing!

You can bring your stuff (cloths, shoes, accessories, bags, etc) on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and pass it to Katya (or just leave it at the Treehut on the shelf if it is not very precious). You can bring the items also right before the event. We ask you to LABEL your things with your name and the price (pinned). The items will be on sale on Dec 14 before the party and after 20.30. you will either take money or your things back.



Vintage hairstyling!

Learn how to create vintage hairstyles like Victory rolls, 30’s waves, faux bangs and more! And then wear your creation at the Christmas party!

The donation for the workshop is 10 euro (cash please!)


Message from our hairstyling guru Steph:

‘During this workshop I’ll share my hairstyling know-how and secrets with you! While sharing historical info and anecdotes about how they used to do it ‘ back in the day’, I will show you how to achieve different historical styles using modern tools and products.You will learn how to style your own hair with instructions, help and guidance from me. The goal is for you to be able to recreate your chosen style at home by yourself again and again!

Bring your own hot curling iron if you have one. A few will be there for you to use, but if you bring your own you’ll never have to wait your turn.The same goes for brushes and combs, I have many that can be shared, but bringing your own means never having to wait!Hairpins (all kinds), elastic bands, hairnets, gel, pomade, and plenty of hairspray will be supplied.
Oh, just one more thing: don’t wash your hair on the day! Better still, don’t wash it the evening before either! Seriously!
Hope to see you there, xxx Stéphanie’