We cancel our socials, classes are according to the schedule

Dear Hague Hoppers students and social dance attendees, 

We have decided to cancel our social dances and parties for the coming period, as a measure of precaution. While our events are rather small, they do involve a bit more physical interaction than a handshake.

Our classes will continue according to our regular schedule.
The group size is small enough that the risk of contamination is minimal, and we will increase safety with the following procedures:
-We have 85% alcohol hand sanitizer in all classrooms
-Do not come to class if you have any symptoms, even if they are very mild
-All students are required to wash their hands carefully before class or use hand sanitizer before class
-Students that touch their face/wipe their nose or similar during class must wash their hands before continuing

For all classes we have requested that the teachers discuss the class with the students early in the class before any physical contact. The teachers will adjust the class according to the wishes of the students. Examples of options are:
-Normal class with normal rotation
-Normal class with limited rotation in sub-groups
-Normal class with no rotation
-Solo exercises with no contact
Irrespective of the general agreement in class, any student will be allowed to not rotate, or to do exercises solo.

The teachers are all doing their best to keep up the fun and the quality of the classes. Please understand that it can be difficult for teachers to adjust the classes dynamically and keep the usual quality. So help them by keeping up the mood and only give constructive feedback.
Also please understand that the teachers need to choose content that fits the majority of the class, so if you have different wishes than the other students, it might not be possible to adapt all content to you.

Please help us keep the classes safe and fun for everyone!The registration for the new block is going well. We hope we can start the classes according to the schedule but we will monitor the developments of the situation, and keep you updated if we have to postpone the start date of the new block.