Cancellation of classes and suspension of the registration process


Most probably, we will have to postpone the start of our courses (which was planned for 30th March) until the situation gets better. If you have any paid orders but would like to call them off, please do asap.  

We also suspend payments of on-hold orders. We won’t send any confirmations until we know a new date of resuming the courses. Thus, everybody, including couples, will end up on the waiting list.

HOWEVER, if you want to join the next block (early or later), please register. You won’t take any financial risks but it is important for us to know how many potential students we can get to be prepared to cancel some groups with low number of registrations. It means also that some groups might be merged and we would like to inform you about it in good time.

You can book our studios for your private practice. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us
Stay healthy, listen to good old jazz and watch your recaps! 

Hague Hoppers Team