Opening of the studios in July


We open our online registration on June 25 will at 20.00.

In July we offer 4-weeks courses with one lesson of 70 mins per week and the price of €50,-  per person. Check our courses and schedule pages.


The ‘new normal reality’ has caused quite a lot of adjustments to any social dance teaching, learning and practicing. Hague Hoppers have to follow the rules accepted by the Dutch state for this kind of activity. Please check the protocol for attending dance classes with Hague Hoppers on the courses page (you will be asked to accept it if you order a course). In a nutshell: you can register only with a fixed partner for partnered classes (the same partner in different classes if you take multiple ones),  no rotation during the class, the classes are smaller, the break between classes is longer, the 1,5 m distance to everybody except your partner, students arrive 5 mins before the class and leave within 5 mins after the class, the teachers have to register the attendees, no changing room, limited use of the toilets… You also might be asked to leave the class if you show some of the covid-associated symptoms. We are very sorry about all the inconveniences caused by the situation but this is the only way we can start working for you again. We will try to assist those single dancers who would like to find a partner for these courses but we cannot guarantee we can help everybody(. We will offer 4 classes of solo jazz  – 2 beginners groups and 2 intermediate ones.

We also arrange a crash course for absolute beginners (10 hours, 4 Saturdays in July). Pass the info to those who are eager to start lindy hopping!