Classes in November

Dear Hague Hoppers students,

We have to adjust our classes and schedule again to follow the current anti-corona regulations. There is hope, we can continue along with the same protocol next weeks. We offer a mixture of group classes/workshops/private classes for you to stay fit and have some dance practice and also to use your remaining tickets from October.

First, we will continue our regular solo jazz classes. The current students don’t have to re-register for November and will get the invoices for November soon. There are 1-2 spots available for those who want to join the courses.

Second, we will offer short solo courses/workshops for non solo-dancers. These weeks we will give ‘Just jazz moves’ class (open level, no experience needed, no choreography to learn), solo jazz routine for beginners level The Jitterbug stroll, solo jazz short routine class for intermediate level, and two classes of Balboa shim-sham – for balboa dancers and non-balboa dancers. Plenty to choose from! You can either use your October tickets to pay for the courses or buy them separately.

Third, we open registration for mini-groups on Lindy Hop for the couples from the same household (4 couples in the group max). Now we open a group for Beginners 1-Beginners 2 levels on Thursday and a group for Intermediate and above level on Wednesday.

Forth, our wonderful teachers Marnix and Merel offer charity private classes for those who would like to trade their October remaining tickets for an hour private class (also available for those who are from the same household). Taking a private class instead of asking for a refund, you will help our dance school to cover the rent and keep the studios. It is a great chance to review the material and to fix bad habits. Please send a message to Marnix to register.

You are welcome to rent our studios on Fridays, weekends and during the day for your private practice.