Warm-up in the Kunstmuseum before the shooting the documentary ‘Na 75 jaar Vrijheid’

While groups classes indoors are not allowed, we offer you some options to learn swing dances, practice your skills, keep your spirits high and help the school to survive.

1. You can book a private class in a studio (for one couple) or outdoors (no limitation of couples with sufficient distance between them). Price: 25-40 euro/h.

2. You can rent the studio for your own practice. Price: 10 euro/h for our students.

3. You can join guided practice on Sundays (17.00-19.00): dancing only with a fixed partner, 12 couples max, with 6 couples max dancing in their ‘sectors’ of the room, a teacher will be available for questions, registration is obligatory. This event we launch from 23 of May and we publish an event on FB. Price: donation-based.

4. From the 18th of May we arrange outdoor dancing on Tuesdays (at 20.00) with fixed partners. The spot is at the Atrium from near the entrance to The Hague International Centre. 

5. You can join our solo classes and practice (donation-based). Follow us on FB for more information. 

26th of May is the birthday of Frankie Manning, the ambassador of swing and a legendary lindy-hop teacher and dancer. So our outdoor solo classes next week will be devoted to Frankie’s routines: 

May, 20 at 19.00 (Theresiastraat 8)  – Shim-Sham Shimmy. BEGINNERS LEVEL
May, 21 at 19.00-20.30 (Theresiastraat 8) – Frankie Doo. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL. If needed, a second session will be arranged for May, 24.

You can register on FB event or here: haguehoppers@gmail.com

On the day itself, 26th of May, we will meet up at Korte Voorhout at 19.00 to dance Frankie’s routines together.

6. You can join our volunteers and dance at the social care institutions. We dance partner dances (with a fixed partner) and solo routines there. The next event is going to be on June 5 (at 11.00) in Leidschendam. Keep an eye on our FB page or inquire at haguehoppers@gmail.com

To cheer you up: Hague Hoppers were filmed in the documentary devoted to Liberation day. It was a great experience dancing in the Kunstmuseum den Haag! If you are curious, watch the film (we dance in the beginning and at the end): https://www.omroepwest.nl/tv/programma/170000210/Westdoc/aflevering/170366774/Na-75-jaar-Vrijheid-Provincie-en-Kunstmuseum