A NEW block of classes will start on May 23

Hop-hop! Registration is open: https://haguehoppers.nl/schedule/schedule-from-may-23-to-july-17/

Finally, we offer again the Lindy hop classes for absolute beginners – on Tuesdays at 20.05 and Thursdays at 21.10.

Lindy hoppers of the ‘Take Five’ cycle: check the schedule of your next group. It is recommended to follow the lindy basics cycle in the following order Promenade – Lindy Circle – Swing-out – Floor Craft (with a Charleston course somewhere). However, you can repeat the same course again with different teachers in case the moves and rhythms are not yet sitting in your bones. If you have successfully done all the ‘stations’ of the cycle you can join the ‘Savoy’ group.

The ‘Savoy’ group is moved to Monday to give the dancers a chance to enjoy our socials on Tuesdays. For the same reason, the ‘Frim Fram sauce’ group will begin at 19.00 on Tuesdays.

The solo jazz ‘Shim-sham’ group has grown up to the next level – there will be a ‘Tranky Doo’ solo jazz routines group on Sundays. For solo jazz dancers of the beginners level, we offer a ‘Shim-Sham’ group on Saturdays at 11.00 where we will be concentrating on simple moves and combinations with a lot of dance practice (and sweat).

NEW: We introduce drop-in classes. You can join some of the groups just for a single class if you have the dance experience required and upon availability. The price for a single class is €15 and you can order it in our shop section Drop-in class or let us know that you are joining and pay via a link.