Workshops with Jason on February 11

Hague Hoppers are happy to announce an afternoon of workshops with Jason Hsu  – a vernacular jazz dance practitioner, a male FOLLOWER, and the founder of Switch Taipei. You can check his website for more info and inspirational videos and podcasts: Jason Hsu (

Photo credit: Ceuvel Swing

Description of the workshops:

Solo Class – Improv FUNdamental!

In this class, we will create a safe space together for experiencing the fun of improvisation and gaining awareness of the connection between our body and jazz music!

Open Level

  • Dancers who want to learn about jazz music and improv skill, some solo jazz dancing experience is desirable. Jason will make sure everyone is comfortable no matter what their level is. Experienced dancers will get extra work on rhythms or ideas to explore, beginners will be guided to do the most basic thing in the class.

Lindy Hop 1 – Musicality FUNdamental!

“Don’t count, FEEL it!”, Dawn Hampton expressively said this. In this class, we will approach the topic of musicality from the appreciation of jazz music and create something fun together!

Level from beginners-intermediate

  • Dancers who know how to do Partner Charleston basic
  • Dancers who are comfortable with grooving to the music.

Lindy Hop 2 – Unlearn about leading and following

What is Leading and Following to you? How does the power dynamic between Leader and Follower in your understanding of Lindy Hop? In this class, we will look into what we have learned and try to unlearn leading and following through the lens of African American roots!

Level: from intermediate

  • Dancers who know how to do swing out / circle
  • Dancers who are comfortable with grooving to the music
  • Dancers who go to social regularly

Schedule on February 11 (Saturday):

14.30-15.30 Solo Class

15.45-17.15 Lindy Hop 1

17.30-19.00 Lindy Hop 2

20.00-24.00 – Funny Valentine’s Swing party (free for you if take one of the workshops)

The party ticket includes soft drinks and snacks.

Place: Hague Hoppers studio, Lange Poten 27, 2d floor (7 mins from the Hague Central Station)

Prices (incl party with soft drinks and snacks):

Solo Class – € 20

One of the Lindy Hop classes – €25

Two Lindy Hop classes – €45

Solo class + one Lindy Hop class – € 40

All classes – €50