My Funny Valentine Swing

Let’s have some fun this Valentine’s! Hague Hoppers invites you to My Funny Valentine’s Swing. No need to bring a date, just put on your best Valentine’s outfit and come dance with us!


Entrance is 5 euros at the door (cash or with QR code). You can get free soft drinks and snacks at the bar. If you wish, you can bring your own wine or beer (no hard liquor). Our bartender can label it for you and keep it cool. During the party we will have some fun dancing games.

The party starts at 20h. For early birds (and our volunteers), we will have a special Valentine’s welcome drink. First come, first serve.

DJ’s Badr, Chu yu and Richard and will sweep you completely off your feet with their romantic tunes.

Baking contest

As we all know, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So, give some love and bake cookies, cake or something savoury for everyone to enjoy in between dancing. All can vote on their favourite snack. There will be a prize for the winner.

Volunteers needed!
Please help make this party possible! We are looking for bartenders and door sitters. The shifts are an hour long and we will try to make duo’s so you can sneak in a little dance when it’s quiet (and your fellow volunteer is ok with it). We could also use a hand with the decorating and cleaning up.
And the perk of being a volunteer: in addition to our eternal gratitude, you get free entrance!
Fill in your name in the schedule:…/1lkRvdBxcG3GJBVpJeQhX…/edit…