The Hague Hoppers were born out of a love of Lindy Hop. Frustrated with a lack of Lindy Hop in The Hague, Katya and Rasmus became determined to build a swing community here. With a little (a lot) of sweat, planning, and generally reviewing their triple steps, they began offering classes in May of 2016. In 2017, Anne, Marc, and other teachers joined their team. Together they all offer an array of Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dance classes, sharing their years of experience dancing and teaching with the growing community in The Hague.


Learn what Lindy Hop is about with the Hague Hoppers!

Code of Conduct

  • The teachers of the Hague Hoppers do their best to secure friendly and safe atmosphere in the class. Please follow the instructions carefully not to injure yourself or your partner. You are responsible for you own safety. Sometimes we do have minor incidents (kicking into somebody or an unfortunate slide) and in this case please inform the teachers and ask for help.
  • We kindly ask our students to refrain from deminishing comments during the class and “teaching” the fellow students. Please ask teachers if you have some discussion with your dancing partner about the moves or conduct of behaviour. If you are a helper in the class of the lower level, please keep your advanced knowledge and moves to yourself (it is hard, we know) and follow the theachers’ instructions not to disturb the learning process.
  • On the dancefloor, please mind other people around you while doing some wide and wild moves. Aerials are not allowed on the regular social dance. If you bumpt into other couple, say ‘sorry’ (at least).
  • Please remember that anybody has the right to ask anybody for a dance but anybody has the right to say ‘no’, too (in a nice and polite manner). If you see that your dancing partner feels uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ask if you can adjust your dancing manner to make your shared experience more pleasant for both. It is a bon ton to change dancing partner after one-two dances and ask new people to dance to include them into the community.

Company Info 

Hague Hoppers

Adres: Lange Poten 27, 2511CM Den Haag (2de etage)


Tel/whatsapp. 0624963352 (Katya)


KVK-nummer: 85014567

BTW-nummer: NL004042642B25

Rekening: NL78 INGB 0007 658415