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Come talk to us every Tuesday!


Want to see what Lindy Hop is all about? The Hague Hoppers have free social dancing every Tuesday. No dance experience is required, so please feel free to come chat, dance or have a drink with us!

We dance on Tuesday evenings at the MingleMush Hague.  

It is a food court next to the Central Station. From March, 5 we will dance near the stage in the middle of the court (look for a DANCE sign on the floor map).

The entrance is free but please spent some money for a drink or two (there is also some jammy food till 21.30).

Time: from July 9 to August 27 @ 20.45-22.45 pm (from September 3 @ 20.15 pm-22.45 pm.)

DJs are welcome (please contact our DJ coordinator Anne to enroll and get some support with making your playlist at





MingleMush, Anna van Buerenplein 712, 2595 DK Den Haag