Hire us/rent studios

Private classes

Our teachers are available for private classes and standard price is €40/h for one teacher and €60/h for a couple of teachers but might vary a bit – agree about it with teachers in question. If you rent our studio for the private class, it is €10/h on top.

Wedding dances/choreo

The price might differ depending on the task. Please contact info@haguehoppers.nl


We have different models to offer: solo jazz or charleston workshop, partnered charleston, lindy hop, shag, balboa workshops combined with a demo or social dance guidance. Pricewise it might be from €80 to €200/h. For more details please contact us.

Rent a studio

For private parties, we can offer you to rent Tango Centro: please contact us at haguehoppersbeheer@gmail.com. You can just rent a place or combine it with a dance workshop or dance party.

Tango Centro – studio, 90 m2, parkette floor, toilets, mirrors and party lights, sound system, banks and tables, bar with fridges, glasses, and tea/coffee options.

Here are the indicative prices (if you are a Hague Hoppers student, you can get a special price, contact us):

Part of the day prices ex VAT Minimal timeslot booking Discount for multiple bookings
Mon-Fri 9.00 – 18.00 25€/h 3 hours 15%
Fri 18.00+, Sat, Sun 35€/h 2 hours 10%
Saturday 18.00+ 40€/h (with an option of social dance) 3 hours Individual booking
Tango Centro