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New intensive beginner course starting September 20th

Registration is now open!

Registration for a new intensive beginner 1 course is now open:

  • Start: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
  • Time: 19:30-21:00 + 30 minutes free practice dancing
  • Location: Tango Centro, Lange Poten 27, 2511 CM Den Haag
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: € 70,-

Lindy Hop courses

Beginners 1

For Beginners 1 no experience or partner is required. All you need for this course is an itch for dancing! You will learn the basics of Lindy Hop, giving you more than enough moves to get out on the social dancefloor.

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Beginners 2

Hague Hoppers - Lindy Hop in The Hague

For Beginners 2, we kindly ask that you have 2-6 months of Lindy Hop experience.

This means that you know the difference between 6 and 8-counts and moves like the send out, bring in, underarm turn, yo-yo, change of place, and the circle. It means that you feel confident that you can survive on the dance floor if the music is relatively slow. You will learn to refine the moves you already know, and you will be taught new Lindy Hop fundamentals, like the swing-out.

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Beginners 3

For Beginners 3 we kindly ask that you have 6-12 months of Lindy Hop experience.

This means that your bounce is stable and your triple steps are floor-connected and clear.  It entails that you know the beginners’ level moves, lindy circle, tuck turn, swing out, modest jumps and variations that you can put into your dance breaks. We expect that you can go social dancing and feel comfortable at mid-tempo music.

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For the Intermediate Course, we kindly ask that you have completed our beginner 1-3 courses or have 6-12 months of experience dancing lindy hop. If you are not solid in your basic steps, even if you have done intermediate classes before, please consider taking the beginner 3 course one more time. We expect that you are comfortable and confident in your lindy circle, swing out, some variations as well as general social dancing. We will be working with improvisation, variations of known moves, and new ones!

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Charleston courses

Partner charleston

For our Partner Charleston Course, we kindly request that you have completed our Intermediate 1 Course. This course will introduce you to the basics of Partner danced Charleston. It will introduce the basic steps to 1920’s classic Charleston as well as 1930’s and 1940’s Partner Charleston. These moves will help you add variety to your dancing as well as dance to some of those faster songs.


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