From August 29, 2022 we start a new 8-week block of classes. The price for the block is €100 p.p. 


Take Five – Lindy Hop basics cycle


If you are new to lindy hop or have not had a lot of experience yet, you will join the Lindy Hop basics cycle called ‘Take Five’. The cycle includes 5 courses.

You are expected to start from the ‘Promenade’ course followed by ‘ Lindy Circle’, ‘Swing out’ and ‘Floor craft’. The ‘Charleston basics’ can be taken at any moment (also as the first course) because its content is not much connected to the other blocks. After completing successfully these five blocks you should be ready to join intermediate-level groups. However, if you don’t feel quite sure you are ready to move, you can take this or that block again (maybe with different teachers).

1. Promenade 

This course is for absolute beginners. You will learn basic rhythms and moves/footwork of the dance, get acquainted with the classic jazz standards we dance to, and will get ready for your first socials.

2. Lindy Circle

In this course, we will give you more complex moves, more fancy turns, and combinations. If you want to join this course make sure you know 6- and 8-count basics, promenade, send out and bringing in, change places, can find the ‘1’ in music, and keep a steady rhythm.


If you have some partnered dance experience, you might consider taking this block as a first one and skipping the ‘Promenade’ (or maybe taking a private class before joining).

3. Swing-out

This course is dedicated mostly to swing-outs – the core and iconic move of Lindy Hop. We will review the moves of the previous courses and give you new rhythms and variations, developing your leading-following skills.

Before joining make sure you can differentiate between 6- and 8-count moves, know promenades and lindy circles, feel comfortable with your triple steps.

4. Floor craft

In this course we will give you some skills required at a social dancing – with a crowded floor, changing tempos of music, dance jams, etc. You will learn basic stealing technics, the art of redirections, ‘dancing small and big’, some dancefloor ethics, and have a lot of dance practice.

We ask you to finish at least three first courses of ‘Take Five’ before joining this group or at least be familiar with swing-outs, promenades, and lindy circles.

5. Charleston basics

We start learning partnered Charleston of the 1920s and 1930s from the scratch, anybody can join, however, if you have not had any dance experience we recommend you to take at least the Promenade course before joining.  Charleston is quite an energetic dance but we will alternate tempos.

LH Intermediate-level groups

‘Savoy’ group

You can join this level after completing all courses of the ‘Take 5’ cycle’ or having about 1 year of lindy hop and basic Charleston experience. Your triples are floor-connected and your bounce is steady, you are able to do swing-outs, circles, promenades, lots of 6-count moves, and some solo breakaways. We will enrich your repertoire of moves (and don’t let you forget what you have learned ) but not the complexity of them. If you are looking for a load of new figures, a relaxed atmosphere or maybe just weekly hanging out with nice people, you are in the right place. Each block you will get something new, so you can stay in this group for ages just having fun.

No audition or invitation is needed to join the group after ‘Take 5’. Drop-ins are possible.

‘Tuxedo Junction’ group

This group is for more ambitious improvers and regular social dance goers. To join this group, you need to get advice from your previous teachers or to pass a little ‘audition’ dancing with a teacher. If your basics are not stable, even if you took intermediate courses before, please consider taking again some of the ‘Take Five’ courses focused on the skill you need to work on. You are welcome to ask for advice and feedback from your teachers.

We will learn more complex combinations of the known moves, clear up the basics, work on partner connection, refine leading-following skills, including some switching exercises. Each block we will offer you a theme-based course (like ‘Connection’, ‘Rhythms’ or ’20-s Charleston), so don’t be afraid to get bored even if you stay in this group for a long time.

‘Frim Fram Sauce’ group

This group is invitational and arranged for dancers with at least 2-3 years of lindy hop experience (including social dance and self-practice) who would like to improve their dance technique and develop an individual style. Please contact us to arrange a try-out session or ask your current teachers for an invitation. Having some solo jazz experience is highly advised.

We expect you to be absolutely stable with your basics (lindy hop and charleston), be able to improvise, use different rhythms and footwork patterns, be attentive to music and partner’s dancing, switch between different tempos. We will be looking at technique, learn more complex combinations of the known partnered and solo moves, will play with different tempos and styles, work on musicality and improvisation. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the participants.

Here you are encouraged to give some (polite) feedback to your partners, share your experience, and ask a lot of questions. We expect the students to like technical details and repeat the move until it is done properly.

‘Jump through the window’ group

This self-study (in combo with invited teachers’ workshops) group is for experienced dancers who have some years of dancing behind the back, international lindy and solo jazz workshops, loads of social dance but still have some itch for learning and improving. To join the group you should be able to catch the moves fast and to prepare and give some material to other dancers (we rotate as ‘teachers’ in the group). Please contact us if you want to join this group.

Vernacular SOLO JAZZ

‘Shim-Sham’ group (beginners)

This course is for absolute beginners and those who tried just a tiny bit of solo jazz dancing. Every class we will have an easy-to-copy moves warm-up and a short combination of basic jazz steps. We will practice some basic rhythms, improve our body’s flexibility, and have fun moving to music.

Drop-in lessons are possible (just buy a drop-in ticket in our Shop)

‘Tranky Doo’ group


This course is for solo jazz lovers who have already taken some beginner classes and know some solo jazz moves and routines. Every class we will practice some drills, rhythms, and footwork, and learn short choreos or part of the solo jazz routines (like Tranky Doo, Al and Leon Shim-Sham, etc) with variations. The course might be recommended for any lindy hopper who wants to improve their rhythms and footwork improvisational skills as well as solo jazz dancers who seek for new variations and technical clarity.

Drop-in lessons are possible (just buy a drop-in ticket in out Shop)

 ‘Trickeration’ group

(intermediate and up)

If we have enough people (at least 6), we will open this group for those who have already taken more than a year of solo jazz classes, learned several solo jazz routines. are able to catch the moves fast, dance the routines to different tunes, and want to work on their technique and style. We will work on polishing our skills to shine on stage, or on the dancefloor.

The payment will be per class as a donation (5 euros or so).


Minor Swing – Balboa beginners

steef and darren

We open again a Balboa group for absolute beginners. Balboa is an elegant dance suitable for fast dancing.

Collegiate Shag-3 (improvers)


Want to dance to fast music? Collegiate Shag is super fun and highly energetic dance style that is danced to 180 BPM+ songs.

The Collegiate Shag- 3 is a course for those who have had some experience in the dance (2-4 months) and want to dive deeper.


(this course is not offered at the moment)