Finding the right group and placement process

  • Please read carefully the description of the courses and make sure you master the skills required for the group chosen.
  • In case of hesitation, please ask your current teachers or come to one of the teachers at the social and ask for a piece of advice. 
  • In the first class, your teachers will evaluate the level of the group and might recommend some students to switch the group (if possible).
  • If you have skipped a lot of classes consider taking the same course again or ask if you can make up the missed classes in the next block with another group for free. It is especially the case for the Take Five cycle where the program is built up based on the previous material.
  • You are also welcome to arrange a mini-private class with teachers before or after the class (based on a €40 euro/h rate).
  • The Tuxedo Junction and Frim Fram Sauce groups are invitational. It means you should have been invited by your teachers or approved by them to join the group. If you have not been taking any classes with us before, please contact us and arrange a try-out class (dance) for us to be sure you fit into the group.
  • After registration, you will be placed on a waiting list. As soon as we are sure that we have a spot for you and that we have enough students to open the group, we send a confirmation and payment link.
  • In case the groups cannot proceed due to low subscriptions, we will try to find an alternative for you – another group or private (or semi-private) classes. 
  • If we cannot accept you because of leads-follows disbalance, you will be offered to change the group of your dance role.