12 Oct

Socials in the Hague

If you want to join our social dance, check the events schedule.

1 Dec

Social dance in Amare with a live band!

We dance in Amare on 14th of December with the live music from The Royal Croquettes! At 19.15 Hague Hoppers will offer a free Lindy Hop workshop for absolute beginners.

23 Oct

We dance in Amare again on November 16!

Save the date!

30 Sep

Check the schedule from October 24

Registration opens on October 8 at 10.00. You can check the schedule here: https://haguehoppers.nl/schedule/schedule-from-october-24-to-december-18/

20 Sep

Dancing in Amare!

Social dance in Amare!

14 Sep

SOLO JAZZ taster course!

Solo jazz is a lot of fun! That’s why we keep trying to open a solo jazz group for beginners with Else again. It will be a short course of 4 classes starting from September 23 on Fridays to test if we have enough interested people for a full 8-week course after the autumn break. […]

29 Jul

Registration for the next block

The registration opens at 10.00 on July 30. Click here Please drop us a line if you have any questions/suggestions at haguehoppers@gmail.com

24 Jul

Summer workshops 2022

Check what our teachers and students offer you this summer. Summer workshops July-August, 2022

1 Jul

We are happy to announce the dates of our Lindy Hop tasters:

August 3 and August 27 (at 19.00)

18 Jun

Closing the season party!

Hey Hague Hoppers! Our last class of the season will be on the 14th of July and we would like to close the season with a social in the studio on the 16th of July. The party will last from 20.00 to 23.00 with a workshop at 19.00 (included in the price). We also need […]

14 Apr

A NEW block of classes will start on May 23

From the 23d of May, we start a new 8-week block of classes (until July 17). Check the schedule (scroll done please). The registration opens on May, 8 at 10.00.

24 Mar

A new block of classes has started

From the 21st of March, we have launched a new 8-week block of classes. You still can join the current groups (check the schedule) upon the spot’s availability. The block will last till the 21st of May (with holidays for most of the groups from April 23 to May 1 with some ecxeptions, we will […]

8 Mar

Registration for a new block of courses opens on March 12 at 10.00

We start a new 8-week long block of classes from March 21. Check our Schedule and Description of the courses pages. NEW: Collegiate Shag for beginners and Charleston for beginners. The next block of Lindy Hop for absolute beginners will start in May.

13 Feb

Collegiate Shag taster-Change of the date!

We are going to open a Collegiate Shag group for beginners from March 21 (the next block of 8 weeks of classes) on Mondays at 19.00. You have a chance to join a taster given by Rosalyn and Joeri on March 7 (at 19.00). Collegiate Shag is a super fun and highly energetic dance style […]

7 Feb

Swing dance practice on Saturdays

We cannot resume our weekly social dance yet but we arrange a kind of mini-social on Saturdays (at 20.00-22.00). QR-codes are required (we also appreciate it if participants do a self-test before coming). The contribution is 5 euro in cash or paid via a payment request on the spot. We ask you to register in […]

7 Feb

Black history month

From February 1 to March 1, the United States, the UK, and some other countries observe Black History Month and the swing dance community cannot stay aside because the history of jazz music and swing dances are closely connected with the history of slavery, segregation, minstrel shows, the Great Migration, and the Harlem Renaissance. Swing […]

28 Jan

Classes have resumed!

We have started our classes again! Hurra! If you are interested to join, drop us a line and we check if there are spots left. We also arrange our open swing dance practice on Saturdays (at 20-22.00). Would you like to volunteer as a DJ for an hour? Then you get your entrance covered.

17 Jan

Solo jazz tryout workshop

If you feel a dance itch, you can take a tryout solo jazz class! Highly recommended for every lindy hop dancer. This try-out class is for absolute beginners but people with some basic experience will enjoy it as well. Join this class if you want to take the Shim-Sham group later or if you are […]

16 Jan

We will start on the 24th of January

We push the start of the classes to January 24: we need more time to form the groups, find partners for everybody, and inform students. Sorry for the false start(. We will offer tryout classes the next week for new dancers and those who are hesitating in choosing the group. It will be posted later […]

14 Jan

Hit the floor!

We resume our activity with the workshops planned for 19th of December and then moved to January 16. So register for the intermediate level lindy hop workshop or for a lindy hop taster if you are a total beginner. The regular classes will start on Monday, January 17. The registration for the regular courses opens […]