Beginners 3 – lead/follow ticket

120.0 inc. VAT

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Rules of Behaviour below, purchasing the tickets you are accepting them.  If you take more than one course check our discounts.

Single follows/leads are placed on waiting list until we get the registration from someone of the complementary role to keep follows/leads balance in the class. After that, you will be sent a payment link with more info. We kindly ask you to pay within 5 days after receiving the confirmation as we often have a waiting lists, so in case of non-payment during this period we keep the right to cancel your order and give your spot to the next person on the waiting list.



For Beginners 3 we kindly ask that you have 4-8 months of Lindy Hop experience.

This means that your bounce is stable and your triple steps are floor-connected and clear.  It entails that you know the beginners’ level moves, lindy circle, tuck turn, swing out, modest jumps and variations that you can put into your dance breaks. We expect that you can go social dancing and feel comfortable at mid-tempo music.


SECOND LINDY HOP class discount:

If you are registering for two lindy hop classes within the same block of the classes and order the tickets in one shopping cart you will get 50% discount for the cheapest course automatically.

If you decide to register for the second course and order your ticket apart from the first fully paid ticket, please apply this discount – ‘second class’ (50% discount for the second class taken) or mail us to do it for you.


SECOND NON-LINDY HOP class discount:

We are also offering discount if along with one fully paid lindy hop course you order a ticket for a non-lindy hop course, such as Solo Jazz, Collegiate Shag or Balboa. In this case you get 20% discount for a non-lindy course. Please apply the coupon – ‘second non-lindy class’ to your cart.

In case you take two non-lindy hop classes (like Solo and Balboa), you can apply ‘second non-lindy class’ (20% discount) code to the second course.

If you have any difficulties with applying the coupons, please write to us or give a note while registering.


Refund and cancellation policy

In case Hague Hoppers has to cancel classes you will receive a full refund of your payment for the cancelled lessons. If you cancel your paid order for more than 14 days before the course start date, we will refund 100% of the sum. If you cancel your paid order in the period of 14-1 days before the course start date, we will keep 10% of administration costs. After the beginning of the course, we can refund 50% of the price in case of cancellation of the order or offer you to transfer your order to the next block of the classes. We also kindly ask you to pay within 5 days after receiving the confirmation of your spot in the class as we often have a waiting lists, so in case of non-payment during this period we keep the right to cancel your order and give your spot to the next person on the waiting list.

We generally don’t refund payments for certain classes you can’t attend due to reasons other than the one described above. But if you can’t attend a block because of medical reasons or other you will be offered credit so that you can take the remaining classes in a following block, depending on availability. You can make up the missed class with other group of the same level but please contact us first to be sure we have a spot for you there. No refund or alternative offers are given if you missed classes without contacting us in advance to arrange a possible credit.


Privacy and personal data

While registering with  the Hoppers you give us some personal information we need to have to place you on the wating list or in the class and send you recaps and information. Please let us know if you feel uncomfortable to provide any of these pieces of information and we will try to find a solution. We use your personal data only to provide the best service for you and analyse our performance as a dansschool. We can share this info with our teachers but not with third parties.




Rules of behaviour in the class and on the dancefloor

The teachers of the Hague Hoppers do their best to secure friendly and safe atmosphere in the class. Please follow the instructions carefully not to injure yourself or your partner. You are responsible for you own safety. Sometimes we do have minor incidents (kicking into somebody or an unfortunate slide) and in this case please inform the teachers and ask for help.

We kindly ask our students to refrain from deminishing comments during the class and “teaching” the fellow students. Please ask teachers if you have some discussion with your dancing partner about the moves or conduct of behaviour. If you are a helper in the class of the lower level, please keep your advanced knowledge and moves to yourself (it is hard, we know) and follow the theachers’ instructions not to disturb the learning process.

On the dancefloor, please mind other people around you while doing some wide and wild moves. Aerials are not allowed on the regular social dance. If you bumpt into other couple, say ‘sorry’ (at least).

Please remember that anybody has the right to ask anybody for a dance but anybody has the right to say ‘no’, too (in a nice and polite manner). If you see that your dancing partner feels uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ask if you can adjust your dancing manner to make your shared experience more pleasant for both. It is a bon ton to change dancing partner after one-two dances and ask new people to dance to include them into the community.



Additional information


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