‘Pie’ solo jazz routine (Beg-Int)

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This is the routine we worked on during our autumn solo basics class and we would love to share it with more people and perform it at the  Hague Hoppers Xmas party on December 14 (the participation is optional). It includes some basic solo jazz and Charleston steps and less than 3 mins long. It might be challenging for total newbies in solo jazz but for those who already had some experience learning it within two classes should not be a problem.

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There are 2 classes devoted to the routine (1,5 hour each incl practice time).

Contact us if you would like to join just one of them.

Time: December 3 and December 10


Location: ABC Treehut

The same address and the same door as Tango Centro but 1st floor

Lange Poten 27

2511 CM Den Haag