Lindy Hop – Frim Fram Sauce

Tuesday 18.50-19.50

Address: Lange Poten 27, 2d floor

This group is invitational and arranged for dancers with at least 3-4 years of lindy hop experience (including social dance and self-practice) who would like to improve their dance technique and develop an individual style. Please contact us to arrange a try-out session or ask your current teachers for an invitation. Having some solo jazz experience is highly advised.

We expect you to be stable with your basics (lindy hop and charleston), be able to improvise, use different rhythms and footwork patterns, be attentive to music and your partner’s dancing, and switch between different tempos. We will be looking at technique, learning more complex combinations of the known partnered and solo moves, will play with different tempos and styles, and working on musicality and improvisation. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the participants.

Here you are encouraged to give some (polite) feedback to your partners, share your experience, and ask a lot of questions. We expect the students to like technical details and repeat the move until it is done properly.