12 Jun

Socials in the HAGUE

If you want to join our social dance, check the events schedule.

14 Apr

A NEW block of classes will start on May 23

From the 23d of May, we start a new 8-week block of classes (until July 17). Check the schedule (scroll done please). The registration opens on May, 8 at 10.00.

7 Feb

Swing dance practice on Saturdays

We cannot resume our weekly social dance yet but we arrange a kind of mini-social on Saturdays (at 20.00-22.00). QR-codes are required (we also appreciate it if participants do a self-test before coming). The contribution is 5 euro in cash or paid via a payment request on the spot. We ask you to register in […]

9 Dec

Game of re-directions. Lindy Hop workshop on January 16

Are you missing some dancing and classes? On January 16, at 12.00-13.00, Stéphanie and Darren will offer a Lindy Hop workshop for relatively experienced dancers (level 3 and up). The theme is re-directions and how to make them fun and easy for both leads and follows. Please follow the link to register: https://haguehoppers.nl/shop/workshops/xmas-lindy/

22 Sep

Follow-up classes (October 25-December 5, 2021)

We are in the middle of the first part of our autumn block and we hope that you enjoy your classes. We will have a week off from 18 to 24 October and we will start our next 6-week courses from October 25 (until December 5).

19 Sep

Back to social dance and rotation

Starting from September, 25 the rule of keeping a 1,5 m distance between dance couples will be lifted, which means we can change partners again. We understand that it might be uncomfortable for everybody, so the teachers will ask if students would like to rotate.

27 Aug

Registration for the new block opens on August 28 at noon

We are excited to start our regular classes again! We open the registration for the 6-week block of classes. Unfortunately, we have to shorten our classes and squeeze 3 classes in one evening which makes it not very convenient. As soon as the situation with corona regulations improves and we will be able to rent […]

22 Jul

Tasters and practice

Before we start the new season, we offer two Lindy Hop tasters for absolute beginners, a solo jazz taster, and guided practice for balboa dancers (with some introduction for those who would like to try it for the first time).

12 Jun

We start our regular classes!

From June 14 we start our 6-week block of summer classes. The schedule is the same as the preliminary one, we keep all the groups.

5 Jun

We open the registration for the courses on June 14-July 24

Check the schedule and register here https://haguehoppers.nl/schedule/.

27 May

Social dance al fresco

Look at these happy faces! Social dance outdoors with a fixed partner every Tuesday at 20.00 (next to the Hague International Centre)

26 May

Guided practice (lindy hop) in the studio

Every Sunday from 17.00 to 19.00 we have guided dance practice (lindy hop mostly) in the studio (Lange Poten 27). Registration with a partner is required. Next session is on May 30.

22 Apr

Swing for Liberation

We are going to be on the TV op May 2!

6 Apr

April 2021 update

Hey hoppy friends, Our studio is still closed but we enjoy a mix of zoom/outdoor classes for solo jazz dancers and small-group outdoor classes for lindy hoppers.

16 Dec

Registration for courses in January

Due to the big uncertainty about the corona-regulations, we have to postpone the registration for a new round of courses. We will open it on January 30, 2021 at noon.

29 Oct

Classes in November

Check what you have on a plate in November.

28 Aug

We open the registration for new courses!

On December 20 at noon, we open our online registration. We still have to ask only fixed partnered registration for Lindy Hop. Check our schedule and courses pages. Looking forward to seeing you again!

21 Aug

Tasters/placement classes in June 7-11

Lindy Hop tasters on 2nd and 4th September!

28 Jul

Workshops in August 2020

We arrange a number of workshops for Intermediate level Lindy Hop students, solo dancers of all levels and some tasters. You will be able to reserve a spot on the fb Hague Hoppers event page in Google forms (only with a partner for partnered classes) and pay 10 €/p in cash on the spot. If you don't have Facebook, please mail us. The schedule is here:

28 Mar

New block postponed

We have to postpone the beginning of our new block to an uncertain date